Talking Money September / October 2013

Sep 19, 2013   Posted by Lynn Eccleston

Welcome to the latest issue of our personal finance magazine featuring articles to help you grow and protect your wealth.

Some investors may have had a roller-coaster ride in recent years. A market fall can happen at any time. In years past, they’ve been triggered by natural disasters, oil price spikes, wars, bank collapses – and now there’s the eurozone debt crisis. The reality is that market swings happen often, and when they do, it can be unsettling for many investors. On page 06 we look at how you can reduce the peaks and troughs of investing.

The diagnosis of a serious illness can mean a very difficult time for your health and your wealth. On page 08 we look at how critical illness cover can provide vital financial security when you need it most. Most homebuyers purchase life assurance when they arrange a mortgage, but overlook critical illness cover, another form of financial protection that we are statistically more likely to need before reaching retirement.

On page 10 we also examine why tying the knot can bring financial advantages to the relationship. Tax and pensions are probably the least romantic reasons for getting married, but we consider four ways to benefit from your marital status.

A full list of all the articles featured in this edition appears on page 02.

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